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Golden India - Tandoori Restaurant

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Golden India

Namaste, dear guests!

The Golden India is your gateway to India. Let yourself be tempted by traditional Indian dishes. The Indian dishes are freshly prepared for our guests every day using selected ingredients

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Our delicacies

Our delicacies
Meat dishes
A culinary delight is guaranteed, whether with chicken or lamb
Vegetarian dishes
prepared with healthy spices
Naan bread
Freshly baked and suitable for hot dishes
Vegan dishes
prepared with healthy spices
India is a country with a penchant for sweets
Refreshing and digestive
Tasty & healthy

Our spices

Our spices
Stimulates the appetite, aids digestion, cures bile and kidney problems and skin diseases
Garam masala
Spice mix, which is put together individually for each dish and consists of up to 16 individual spices
Stimulates digestion, relieves stress, relieves stomach and stomach pain
Soothing for the heart and circulation, contains vitamin C and P, prevents arteriosclerosis and a tendency to thrombosis
Digestion-friendly, effective against gastrointestinal diseases and pale skin
Germicidal, analgesic for toothache, effective against inflammation in the throat and smoking, as well as against bad breath
Party - Birthday - Company celebration - and more

Our music system will make your party pop


for events of all types and sizes


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Golden India - Tandoori Restaurant IconGolden India - Tandoori Restaurant

Nibelungenstrasse 73, Lindenfels

4.7 257 reviews

  • Avatar katja hammerschmidt ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    The best Indian food I know. The play with spices is served here at a really great level. We have already tried many different dishes, each one is so incredibly delicious that the choice is really difficult. ... More is becoming increasingly difficult. The host family is very welcoming and we always look forward to coming here.
  • Avatar White "WhiteMantis" Mantis ★★★★★ one month ago
    The waiter was super nice and the food was delicious. The whole family ate really well together. An extra star for that.
  • Avatar Markus M. ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    We came here for the first time today on recommendation and were really impressed by the Indian food. The chef and the staff are very nice and we would love to come back.
  • Avatar M C ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I had only ever ordered via the delivery service before, but today was our first time there. The food is simply sensational, the service is lovely and courteous! We will be coming back many more times 🙂
  • Avatar Christopher Grünewald ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    I'm just a fan of Indian food and when I heard that there was finally an Indian restaurant near me, I was naturally very excited. You don't expect too much at first. At best 0815 Indian food. Indian ... More But Palace is definitely more than 0815. I can only recommend everyone to choose one of the menus. The soups and desserts are also amazing. But let's start with the ambience and location: The location is nothing special at first. You might even expect a more Indian ambience. At first glance, it doesn't make you want to go out again, but I wouldn't describe it as particularly inviting either. In any case, I can only recommend eating there for the first time on a summer's day. Then you can sit outside in an inner courtyard. It's really nice, cozy and quiet. Absolutely recommendable.service:The service is always incredibly friendly, you simply feel immediately welcome and comfortable. There's really nothing to complain about here. If the meal takes even a few minutes longer, they apologize immediately and sincerely, even though you haven't even noticed that it has taken a little longer. Overall, you get everything quite quickly. Especially the drinks and also in between, they always pay attention to whether you want something else. There's nothing to complain about here. Perfect all and drink:Of course there is also spaghetti and schnitzel on the menu. Apparently this must be the case in Germany, so that even the uptight old uncle can find something to eat at the family dinner, whose motto is "what the farmer doesn't know he doesn't eat". However, I will never understand why such dishes are on the menu of an Indian restaurant. That would be the only "negative" criticism. Otherwise, everything you get there is terrific. As I said at the beginning, I can only recommend the menus. Menu 2 is best with the dal soup first. This is an Indian lentil soup and comes with buttered naan bread. However, I would definitely order the parneer naan as well. This is filled with homemade cheese. Spectacular! Then you get a fantastic selection of Indian dishes. Butter chicken, grilled chicken with cashew nuts, cream curry and tomato sauce with basmati rice. And then grilled chicken with a fantastic curry sauce. For dessert, we actually have gulab jamun. It reminds me a bit of baklava from Turkish restaurants. I would only recommend it if you can eat really well. I'm a good eater but that's too much for me. On request, you can also get kulfi with menu 2 instead. This is homemade ice cream. And go for pistachio. If that's all too much for you and a main course is enough, then I recommend chicken haryali from the tandoori oven. So delicious! Picture is attached. These are the green chicken pieces. Green because baked in spinach. But be careful, it's a bit spicy. Not particularly spicy, but if you can't stand spicy food, then better not. Oh yes, and of course you can also get the usual standard drinks at good prices and of course Indian specialties. I recommend a mango lassi with your meal. All in all, I can only recommend 100% if you like Indian food. Oh yes and every Friday and Saturday there is an evening buffet and on public holidays there are also special buffets. Only €14.50 per person, all you can eat of course. So the prices are right too. I think it's actually quite reasonable for the quality. So clearly 5 stars!